Joe Weese's Honda Magna 'Mod Rod'

Currently, on the Restyling forward controls, the clutch linkage provided by the supplier is a short piece that attaches to the existing linkage that came on the bike. I have made arrangements with a machine shop to provide a full length piece made of stainless steel with the proper threads on each end to make the replacement very simple. This new pieceis a full 3/8" in diameter for the full 12" required. As some of you know --- while in the mountains, mine broke and this becomes a no ride situation on any Sunday. It is weak where the two pieces connect since one piece is thicker than the other. I am ready to ship the new part and have concluded that the total will be $35. I plan on mailing them first class. I have installed the new part on my bike and everything is perfect. An instruction sheet will be included. These have been made from 304 stainless and look great!

Mail your money order along with your name and return address to:

113 E. 58TH ST.

Top Image is stock linkage with the extension shipped with the forward controls.

Bottom Image is the 'Mod Rod' developed by Joe Weese.